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Themed shoots aimed to convey a underlying narrative.

Photo Themes

Domo Arcadia (2019)

Dominique said it herself: "Girls just want to have fun".

The First Protector (2017)

Dedicated to motherhood. The moment life is consummated, you become a defender of that life. Everything from what you eat to the vibrations in your radius falls into your awareness. You are appreciated for taking on this responsibility and deserve to be admired and respected.

Yasuke (2017)

Honoring the warrior spirit and those whose stories transcend time. Each photo has a haiku remembering the first known African samurai - Yasuke!

Title sounds right out of a grindhouse film right? Older shoot, when I didn't have experience shooting night scenes. While scanning through "hm" to "meh" to "ugh!" shots, I played around with filters and art-cidentally came upon this "comic" looking effect. Weeks of trials, error, and successes later, I completed the FIRST installment of this project known to the world as "photonovela".

Cold Steel &

Hot Leather (2016)

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